Annette Messager avec et sans raisons

an uneven show of of abjection and acephalic monsters

By Brian Dillon

Pinocchio dans ses entrailles, 2008. Image: © Annette Messager Courtesy the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, Paris & London

Marian Goodman Gallery, London, 19 April – 27 MayA certain pendulousness has long been essential in Annette Messager’s sculptural address to real bodies and their marionette-ish representations. That’s to say, in Messager’s work things hang around – including varieties of near-human, and their body parts. In the French artist’s first London show since her Hayward Gallery retrospective, The Messengers, in 2009, there are remnants of her most compelling forms of frail suspension, and a few instances where this modus has…

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