Ewig Weibliche

Challenging gender essentialism with the grotesque

By Susannah Thompson

Olga Balema, Motherfucker, 2016, map, latex, pigment, acrylic paint, 73 × 110 × 12 cm. Courtesy the artist and Koppe Astner, Glasgow

Koppe Astner, Glasgow, 21 April – 27 May Ewig Weibliche is a small exhibition of works by Darja Bajagić, Olga Balema, Charlotte Prodger and Benedicte Gyldenstierne Sehested. The title refers to the notion of the ‘eternal feminine’ and was important to Goethe. To varying degrees the exhibition attempts to contest this idea, examining gender essentialism, sexuality and archetypal feminine ‘virtues’. That said, Prodger’s video sculptures fit less easily into this schema than does the work of some of her fellow exhibitors,…

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