Peter Shire: Naked is the Best Disguise

The very best of Los Angeles’s bad taste, says Andrew Berardini

By Andrew Berardini

Bel Air Chair, 1981, wood, steel, upholstery fabric, 123 × 109 × 123 cm. Photo: Joshua White. Courtesy the artist

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 22 April – 2 July 2017A massive, heavy-bottomed ceramic coffee mug splattered with primary colours on a banana-yellow field sits on my desk. It could probably hold a freighty, sloshy litre of coffee, though since I purchased it some years ago, it does primary duty as a mug for broken pencils, pens with just a sneeze of ink left and the odd screwdriver. I found it at ceramicist Peter Shire’s annual Christmas sale, among…

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