Sara Cwynar Rose Gold

On the politics of colour in beauty products

By Wendy Vogel

Sara Cwynar, Avon Presidential Bust (Lincoln, Gold), 2017,  c-print mounted on Dibond, 76 × 61 cm. © the artist. Courtesy Foxy Production, New York

Foxy Production, New York, 7 April–14 May “Every political gesture associated with democracy is branded with a colour,” a voice-over states in Sara Cwynar’s eight-minute film Rose Gold (all works 2017), the centrepiece of this solo exhibition bearing the same title. So what are the politics of rose-gold? Named one of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year (the colour giant identified it as ‘Rose Quartz’), the blush-tinted pink can be found on everything from iPhones and jewellery to men’s sneakers. It’s…

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