The National: New Australian Art

Mark Rappolt on how a big show shapes and reshapes national identity

By Mark Rappolt

Archie Moore, United Neytions, 2014–17, (installation view, The National, 2017, Carriageworks). Photo: Zan Wimberley

Art Gallery of New South Wales, 30 March – 16 JulyCarriageworks, 30 March – 25 JuneMuseum of Contemporary Art Australia, 30 March – 18 JuneFeaturing work by 45 artists and uniting a trinity of Sydney’s arts institutions, The National is a sprawling group exhibition that nominally attempts to gloss the discourses and practices that define the state of contemporary art in Australia. Given the title (there will be two further iterations of the project, in 2019 and 2021), identity is…

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