ArtReview Asia's recommended reads

Photo: Mikael Gregorsky

Photography Provoke: Between Protest and Performance. Photography in Japan 1960 / 1975 

'A must-read on one of the most influential publications in the golden age of Japanese photography'

Fiction Man Tiger, by Eka Kurniawan 

'At once humorous and bleak, mundane and thrilling (with the right amount of bawdy), Man Tiger draws its force and inspiration from many sources (crime novel, wayang, magical realism, social critique) and, as is generally the case with great writing, escapes easy categorisation'

Design New Thai Style & Sar: The Essence of Indian Design 

'Both picturebooks, you might say, are throwaway publications. So why review them? Because in many ways both books are founded on a contradictory ‘methodology’ that is creeping into global art culture'

Curating The New Curator

'The interviews with 26 curators that are gathered in this volume make for a surprisingly fascinating read' 

Exhibition catalogues 

Imran Qureshi: Where the Shadows are so Deep 

'Through 35 beautifully paced paragraphs… [the curator] describes a meeting with Qureshi and his journey from child to artist, to the creation of these paintings. It’s a perfectly pitched piece of prose’

Afterwork Readings

'In the effort to record a ‘pluri-singular’ migrant experience,, and not defined by or confined to the term ‘domestic’, Afterwork Readings seems to have tried to be inclusive, but at the same time neglected to dedicate a decent percentage of its 156 pages to the current reality of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong’

12 August 2016.