But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Art Community, 1988–2008

Thoughtful juxtapositions bring five artists' shared sensibilities into view

By Murtaza Vali

Hussain Sharif, Installation, 1995, cement, found objects, 600 × 170 × 30 cm. Courtesy the artist and Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi Vivek Vilasini, Brides of Seven Climes, 1996/2008, painted fiberglass jars, cotton, coir, 91 × 91 × 640 cm. Courtesy 1x1 Gallery, Dubai

NYUAD Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, 2 March – 2 September A mythical narrative of the development of contemporary art in the UAE has emerged over the last decade. It focuses on a small group of male artists who gathered around Hassan Sharif (who passed away last year), first as students and then as peers, in the years following his return from art school in London in 1984.This group, which came to be known as ‘the five’, included his younger brother Hussain…

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