Haegue Yang Ornament and Abstraction

Cheap materials and cultural references challenge the modernist aesthetic

By Aimee Lin

Haegue Yang, Ornament and Abstraction, 2017 (installation view). Photo: Omar Luis Olguín. Courtesy the artist and Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Kurimanzutto, Mexico City, 1 April – 6 May Haegue Yang’s first solo exhibition in Mexico reveals the artist’s fervent intention to present a full view of her various practices. It includes her iconic Venetian blinds installation, The Intermediate sculpture series (2015–) and graphic wall pieces. When you walk around or through her largescale blinds installation Sol LeWitt Upside Down – K123456, Expanded 1078 Times, Doubled and Mirrored (2015), you encounter perfumes coming from aroma diffusers, which will remind you of the…

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