Native Revisions

On manipulating messages in photography

By Adeline Chia

Noh Suntag, The strAnge ball (detail), 2004–7, six digital prints, 54 × 81 cm (each). Courtesy the artist Tomoko Yoneda, The 70th 6 August, Hiroshima, 2015, c-print, 76 × 96 cm. Courtesy the artist and Shugo Arts, Tokyo

Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Lasalle College of the Arts, 11 February – 12 April It is one thing to plan what flattering photo will be used at your own funeral, but another altogether to stage that funeral preemptively and then photograph the event. But that is precisely what a man from Kerala did in artist Anup Mathew Thomas’s gloriously inauspicious Staging at Nedumbarakkadu (2012), which is a photograph of a photograph. The original picture shows a man lying in an…

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