Teng Chao-Ming After All These Years

Finding inspiration in a Taiwanese folk song, the artist focuses on the politics of identity

By Guo Juan

Teng Chao-Ming, After All These Years, 2017, UV prints on 119 mirrors (as of 2017 and growing in numbers), stainless steel shelves, digital inkjet prints, carpets, voiceover, 14 min 20 sec (loop). Courtesy the artist and Cube Project Space, Taipei

Cube Project Space, Taipei 29 April – 2 July You walk into a dimly lit room and hear a man’s voice from above your head: “I do everything in my power to enter someone’s mind, to become that person.” As the voiceover unfolds, you learn that the narrator, this ‘I’ who threatens to expropriate others’ identity (not in a threatening tone, though) and who’s clearly OK or even complacent about ‘his’ own parasitic state of existence as a song (composed by…

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