Kate Owens: A Mangy Gherkin on a Horse-Dung Ground

Limoncello, London, 3 October – 16 November

By Sean Ashton

Towards Zero (17), 2013, soap, paint. Photo: Ollie Hammick. Courtesy the artist and Limoncello, London

Accompanying this show is a short written dialogue adapted by Kate Owens from a 1954 children’s story by Maria Bird – Andy Pandy’s Tea Party, if I’m not mistaken. Two children, ‘AP’ and ‘T’, are invited to paint the walls and furniture of a ‘plain room’. After experimenting with ‘stripes’, ‘paw marks’ and ‘splodges’, they are ‘covered head to foot in all the colours of the rainbow’. Finally, unable to distinguish their own bespattered bodies from their surroundings, ‘they [fetch] pails and…

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