Nic Guagnini: Heads

Galerie Lars Friedrich, Berlin, 20 September – 26 October

By Raimar Stange

Blake’s Paranoia, 2013, ceramic on pedestal, 24 × 16 × 16 cm (foreground) and Heads, 2013, prints, 46 × 34 cm (background). Photo: Simon Vogel. Courtesy the artist & Lars Friedrich, Berlin

At first glance Nic Guagnini’s first solo show seems too smart, almost decorative. Here, seven black-and-white prints hang in a precise line on the wall: on these Heads (2013) antique busts are depicted, each with a severed nose. The Argentine-born, New York-based postconceptualist photographed these in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are Greek and Roman heads. In front of this series of images are two square pedestals, a glossy black ceramic sculpture on top of each one. Hard of…

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