Glenn Kaino: Leviathan

19 September – 20 December 2014, Kavi Gupta, Chicago

By Christian Viveros-Fauné

Don’t Bring a Gameboy to a Gunfight, 2014. Photo: Joseph Rynkiewicz. Courtesy Kavi Gupta, Chicago & Berlin

Conceptual artist Glenn Kaino is a protean talent. A former chief creative officer of Napster and now senior VP at Oprah Winfrey’s media company, the LA-based artist is also very much a Johnny-on-the-spot in the artworld. Currently he has two major public commissions on view – one in Washington, DC, and the other at the Prospect.3 biennial in New Orleans – as well as a sprawling protest-minded installation at Kavi Gupta’s new warehouse gallery in Chicago. For the latter, Kaino has done…

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