Josh Faught: I know I Came into this Room for a Reason

6 September – 30 October 2014, Kendall Koppe, Glasgow

By Susannah Thompson

I know I Came into This Room for a Reason (installation view), 2014. Photo: Max Slaven. Courtesy the artist, Kendall Koppe, Glasgow, and Lisa Cooley, New York

On first encounter, it’s hard to know just what to make of Josh Faught’s work. I expected to hate it. I left as an enthusiastic (chastened) convert. The seven works that make up I Came into This Room for a Reason are not easy to love. They look like some kind of throwback to either postminimalist, Eva Hesse-inflected forms (avant-garde) or the type of crafting-as-catharsis hobbyist assemblage you could imagine Claire’s mother making in the early 2000s HBO series Six Feet Under…

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