31st Bienial de São Paulo

6 September – 7 December 2014, Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, São Paulo

By Oliver Basciano

Halil Altındere, Wonderland, 2013, video, 8 min 30 sec. Courtesy the artist and Pilot Gallery, Istanbul Sergio Zevallos (Grupo Chaclacayo), Ambulantes, from the series Suburbios, 1984. Courtesy the artist

The problems of the world weigh heavy on this exhibition. In its curation of this 31st Bienal de São Paulo, titled How to (…) Things That Don’t Exist (insert from the curators’ list of different terms into the blank, including ‘look for’, ‘recognise’, ‘fight for’, ‘use’, ‘imagine’), a five-strong collective, assembled by curator Charles Esche, is not interested in subtlety. Which is actually pretty refreshing. Instead they look to places where pragmatic struggles for survival outweigh philosophical or aesthetic absorption. There is,…

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