Greater New York

Jonathan T.D. Neil detects an existential cynicism in MoMA PS1's quiquennial show on New York's artworld

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

KIOSK, 1,303 People, 2005–15, mixed-media installation, dimensions variable. Alisa Grifo & Marco Romeny (KIOSK) with Rebecca Forgac, Gary Murphy, Anny Oberlink, Jason Rosenberg & Ryne Ziemba. Photo: Pablo Enriquez. Courtesy the artists Lebbeus Woods, ‡ŒŽŒ‘Œ’‡“SOLOHOUSE – Exterior View 2, 1989, watercolour and coloured pencil on board, 50 × 71 cm. © estate of Lebbeus Woods. Courtesy Aleksandra Wagner

On the occasion of this Greater New York, MoMA PS1’s quinquennial exhibition of all that is contemporary in New York’s artworld, when one enters the museum grounds, before getting to the building proper, one is confronted with the VW Dome, a temporary structure that houses events and programmes and is sponsored by Volkswagen. In an earlier life, the Dome and its programming played a role in PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach’s efforts to draw attention and money to the Rockaway Beach…

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