The Armory Show 2013

By David Everitt Howe and Brienne Walsh

Bjarne Melgaard and Sverre Bjertnes, Untitled (The Beauty of Mary Boone) (detail), 2013. Photo: Adam Reich. Courtesy Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway Ryan Mosley, Three Peak Raisers, 2012. Photo: Uwe Walter. Courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig and Berlin Honor Fraser booth at the Armory. Photo: Farzad Owrang. Courtesy Honor Fraser Gallery Reza Aramesh, Action 129: Dead Iranian Solider, 2013. Courtesy the artist and Leila Heller Gallery, New York.

On Thursday night, ArtReview sent critics David Everitt Howe and Brienne Walsh to the opening of the Armory to discuss their early impressions of the sights and sounds of the venerable New York art fair. Here’s what they came up with:Both David and I are struggling with the difficulty of writing about art we saw so briefly, and in such a poor setting. With over 200 galleries exhibiting from more than 30 countries, in a vast maze of cavernous warehouses on the Hudson…

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