Adam Chodzko: Room for Laarni, Image Moderator

Read our review of Adam Chodzko's exhibition at Marlborough Contemporary, London, 6 November – 21 December 2013

By Helen Sumpter

Adam Chodzko, Sleepers. Hole, 2013, punctured found 35mm slide, April 1975. Courtesy the artist and Marlborough Contemporary, London

The day after Adam Chodzko’s exhibition opened, Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over the Philippines. It’s an event that Chodzko couldn’t have predicted, but one that can’t help but seep into the background context to this show. The Laarni of the title is an image moderator – located in Makati City, near the Philippine capital, Manila – who monitors online images, mainly on UK social-networking sites, and reports unsuitable content. We know this only from a ten-minute video showing a…

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