Liste art fair roundup

ArtReview selects the five best booths at the long-established younger galleries art fair

By ArtReview

Kris Lemsalu, Genetic Misunderstanding, 2016, blanket, ceramics, 116 × 146 cm. Courtesy Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn Mahmoud Khaled, Do you have work tomorrow?, 2013, series of 32 screen shots of a staged conversation on an iPhone, transformed into black and white photographs; 10 × 15 cm. Courtesy Gypsum, Cairo Marlon de Azambuja, Grain Elevators, 2015, black permanent marker on book pages, 164 × 196 cm. Courtesy Instituto de Visión, Bogota Kamrooz Aram, Untitled, 2015, from the series Ancient Through Modern Collage, acrylic, pencil and paper collage on linen, 51 × 40.5 cm. Courtesy Green Art Gallery, Dubai Li Ming, MEIWE, 2015, HD video 9 min 44 sec. Courtesy Antenna Space, Shanghai

It is with a slightly heavy heart that ArtReview walks through the bar and barbecue entrance of the Liste art fair in Basel, hoping that there might be less of the bland fiddlings pushed out by European MA programmes that it remembered from last year. There are still some, but with eleven newcomer galleries and a general feeling that the fair organisers had upped their global focus, it’s a great deal more enlightening. Here’s ArtReview’s favourite five.Kris Lemsalu at Temnikova…

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