Johan Grimonprez |blueorchids|

Meditating on the war machinery of modern states, and the trauma of its protagonists

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

| blue orchids | (still), 2017, video, colour, sound, 48 min. Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly, New York

Sean Kelly, New York 27 January – 11 MarchThere is a moment in Johan Grimonprez’s short arthouse documentary  | blue orchids | (2017) when Chris Hedges, former war correspondent and now well-known leftwing author and activist, describes the emotional toll of being exposed to the trauma of war – sleeplessness, nightmares, fatigue – but more than just these symptoms, Hedges explains how their aggregate effect makes it increasingly hard, and sometimes impossible, for one to connect with another human being.…

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