peter campus, circa 1987

Light projections by a pioneer of video art explore the visual presence of geological time

By Joshua Mack

peter campus, circa 1987, 2017 (installation view). Photo: John Muggenborg. Courtesy Cristin Tierney, New York

Cristin Tierney, New York 19 January – 4 MarchPeter Campus, a restless and too-often-overlooked pioneer of video art, emerged from a circle that included Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt and Robert Grosvenor. During the early 1970s, influenced by Yvonne Rainer, Joan Jonas and Bruce Nauman, he mounted installations using then-nascent video-editing technology to layer and dissolve images, as well as closed-circuit cameras that confronted people with images of their bodies screened at odd angles. Later in the decade he turned to…

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