Jean-Luc Moulène: Ce fut une belle journée

Bodies and tools turn into one another – or is it just nonsense?

By Violaine Boutet De Monvel

Silver Puke, Paris, 2013, 2013, silver soup spoons, silver dessert spoons, epoxy paste. Photo: Florian Kleinefenn. © the artist /ADAGP 2016. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris

Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, 26 November – 11 February 2017Running in parallel to a supposed retrospective at Centre Pompidou that Jean-Luc Moulène twisted into what he calls a ‘retro-prospective of protocols’ featuring mainly new sculptures from 2015–6, Ce fut une belle journée presents another ensemble of recent works: 16 previously unshown hybrid objects, supported by knowingly naive drawings and two videos. Whereas the sixty-one-year-old Frenchman gained recognition during the late 1990s for his work in photography, his practice has since…

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