Daniel Arsham: Volcanic Ash, Rusted Steel

15 February – 22 March 2014, Baró Galeria, São Paulo

By Claire Rigby

Daniel Arsham, Installation view, Baró Galería, 2014. Courtesy Filipe Berndt / Baró Galeria Crystal Car, 2014. Credit: Filipe Berndt / Baró Galeria Focus, 2013. Courtesy Filipe Berndt / Baró Galeria Ash, Glacial Rock, Obsidian, Rose Quartz and Steel Eroded Laptops (detail), 2013. Courtesy Filipe Berndt / Baró Galeria, São Paulo

It’s no simple matter to fill the cavernous Baró Galeria, a slick, 1,500sqm space on the fringe of São Paulo’s gritty Centro. In the previous exhibition held there, Argentinian artist Pablo Siquier occupied it stunningly without placing a single thing on the gallery’s expansive floor: his show consisted of three immense murals in which complex, hyperprecise computergenerated drawings were executed in charcoal by an all-too-human hand, their labyrinthine systems facing each other across the massive empty space, forcing the viewer…

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