Félix Luna: Efemérides Habitables

7 February – 16 April 2014, Galería Luis Adelantado, Mexico City

By Gabriela Jauregui

Espejos Opacos (detail), 2014 (installation view). Courtesy Galería Luis Adelantado, Mexico City Espejos Opacos, 2014 (installation view). Courtesy Galería Luis Adelantado, Mexico City

Taking as its pretext an exhibition about the history of photography in Mexico that was staged last year at MUNAL (Museo Nacional de Arte), Mexico City, Félix Luna’s work Espejos Opacos (Opaque Mirrors, all works 2014) elegantly interrogates the very essence of the medium. Making his own selection with the help of his friend historian-turned-curator Andrés Aguilera Patiño and distorting the images manually through mechanical modifications, Luna reveals a parallel narrative that questions official history. The images he has rephotographed…

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