Ewa Axelrad: satis

In this modest exhibition, the artist delivers a powerful message

By Fi Churchman

Ewa Axelrad, Minimum, Necessary, Objectively Reasonable #1, 2015, concrete composite, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist, BWA Warszawa and the Ryder Projects, London

The Ryder Projects, London, 9 March – 15 April ‘I can’t breathe.’ Those were the last words of Eric Garner, who died on Staten Island in 2014. Several police officers had confronted him about the alleged illegal sale of ‘loosies’ (single cigarettes). When he refused to be handcuffed, they put him in a chokehold – a form of restraint prohibited by NYPD regulations – and forced him on his knees before pushing him facedown to the ground. He fell unconscious on…

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