Maeve Brennan: The Drift

The stories of three people woven together by the shared desire to preserve and rebuild

By Louise Darblay

The Drift (still), 2017, HD video, colour, sound, 50 min 29 sec. Courtesy the artist

Chisenhale Gallery, London 31 March – 4 June The Drift (2017), produced by the Chisenhale together with Spike Island, Bristol, is Maeve Brennan’s latest film. In it, the artist turns her attention to questions of heritage and conservation in a country damaged by a civil war, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the increased looting of heritage sites. Filmed, using long and wide static shots, in the arid, semideserted plains of the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, 30km east of Beirut, the 50-minute work…

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