12th Biennale de Lyon: Meanwhile... Suddenly and Then

Various venues, 12 September – 5 January

By Oliver Basciano

Petra Cortright, SpringValle_ber_girls, 2012, flash animation. Photo: Blaise Adilon. Courtesy the artist and La Biennale de Lyon

Curator Gunnar B. Kvaran’s stated goal for 
his iteration of the Lyon Biennale was to make a show that surveyed forms of narrative in contemporary practice. It is bitterly ironic therefore that the exhibition wholly lacked
 a cohesive one of its own. In short, the biennale was curatorially, formally, a mess.One example from many possible: in the final furlong of the show is a film installation 
by Czech artist Václav Magid titled From the Aesthetic Education Secret Files (2013). Two…

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