Geraldo de Barros, Jogos de Dados e Sobras

SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo, 11 July – 8 Sept

By Claire Rigby

Jogos de Dados e Sobras, 2013 (installation view). Photo: Alexandre Nunis. Courtesy sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo

In a slightly too-small space, to he’s-behind-you chants from a children’s performance in the room next door, the setting for this exhibition of two groups of works by the artist Geraldo de Barros (1923–98) is São Paulo’s SESC Vila Mariana, one of an egalitarian network of art and leisure centres (SESCS) that spans the length and breadth of Brazil. SESC, which owns a number of de Barros’s works, has also just published a book covering the entire trajectory of the…

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