Jonas Mekas: Outlaw: New Works

Microscope Gallery, New York, 27 June – 29 July

By Brienne Walsh

Outlaw: Letters from the Gallerist to the Artist (#4), 2013, acrylic and Xerox collage on paper. Courtesy the artist and Microscope Gallery, New York

One of the best things about getting old is that you can do whatever the fuck you want. Or so the old people say. Such is the case with Jonas Mekas, whose latest exhibition at Microscope Gallery
is inspired by his lawsuit with the gallerist Harry Stendhal. The ninety-year-old Mekas, who is best known for his avant-garde films and criticism, has accused Stendhal, his former dealer, of selling some of his works without giving him his cut, including 40 stills of…

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