Momentum 7

Various venues, Moss 22 June – 29 September

By Jacquelyn Davis

Johan Zetterquist, Proposal No 29, A Monument Celebrating the End of Capitalism As We Know It, 2013. Photo: Vegard Kleven. Courtesy the artist Gabriel Lester, The Blank Stare, 2013. Photo: Vegard Kleven. Courtesy the artist, Gallery Fons Welters, Amsterdam, and Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai

The Nordic Biennial, aka Momentum, takes place in the town of Moss on the outskirts of Oslo. For the seventh edition, two Scandinavian curators harbouring diverse practices – Power Ekroth and Erland Hammer – decided to ‘agree to disagree’: that is, to create two parallel exhibitions. Theorists might refer to this thematic conflict as ‘positive antagonism’, wherein friction stemming from disagreement can fuel change or motivate a redirection of energies. What matters more than deciding to get along, or otherwise, is what…

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