Andrew Cameron and Emilie Halpern: Standard Candles

Samuel Freeman, Los Angeles, 19 July – 23 August

By Andrew Berardini

Andrew Cameron and Emilie Halpern, Standard Candles, 2014 (installation view). Courtesy Samuel Freeman, Los Angeles

Watch your step. Three hundred and fifty otherworldly eggs, coloured the deepest flecked serpentine green, speckle the polished blonde wood of the gallery’s floor and the grey concrete of its courtyard. Emptied out by a single piercing in the bottom of each, these scattered, sizeable eggs and their suggestive curves dreamily interrupt the spare space of this two-artist exhibition. The strange eggs (Emu, 2012–14) make thoughtless feet cautious, movement slow, awareness subtly heightened. Lacking their viscous ova, the shells transform…

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