Design Miami / Basel

Seven seats for sore eyes…

By ArtReview

Humberto and Fernando Campana - Leather Alligator Banquete chair, 2011. Courtesy of: Estudio Campana and Galleria O. Project Pierre Jeanneret - Anton Alvarez The Thread Wrapping Machine Chair 1, 2013 Wood, glue-coated thread. Gallery Libby Sellers. Janine Abraham And Dirk Jan Rol - 1956, rattan of manila and marrow of rattan. Galerie Pascal Cuisinier Kueng Caputo - Sand Chair, 2012. Mortar, sand, pigment paste, styrofoam. Salon 94 Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong - Logo Chair White, 2013 Wood, acrylic paint and ash. Galerie VIVID. Gregor Jenkin and William Kentridge - 2012, Mild Steel. Southern Guild.

Basel fair week in June isn't just about contemporary art - it's also about design. At times just the thought of all the art on display has begun to burn holes in ArtReview's retina, so here's a selection of seven seats we'd like to rest our eyes and put our feet up on (metaphorically speaking at least) at Design / Miami Basel.