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Doclisboa'14 / ArtReview


Justin Jaeckle reports back form Lisbon's documentary film festival, various locations, Lisbon, 16–26 October 2014

By Justin Jaeckle

Fathers and Sons, by Wang Bing (2014), courtesy Doclisboa Hit 2 Pass, by Kurt Walker, 2014 (film still), courtesy Doclisboa Eric Baudelaire, Letters to Max, 2014, courtesy Doclisboa'14 Stan Brakhage, The Act of Seeing With One's Eyes, 1971, Courtesy Doclisboa'14

The late Stan Brakhage was at pains to assert his Pittsburg Documents be understood as ‘documents’, not ‘documentaries’. His triptych of silent 16mm films observe (in his own words) the ‘mystical’ ‘bogeymen’ of his time – police, Eyes, doctors, Deus Ex and coroners, The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes, (all films 1971, restored 2013). A set of subjective records of authoritarian institutions, the films gaze fleetingly upon city lights and the labouring hands of police, cut with frenetic energy and…

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