Kostis Velonis: Gra(m)mary of Puppetry

Monitor, Rome, 28 March – 4 May 2013

By Mike Watson

Touching Hades, 2013 (installation view)Photo: Massimo Valicchi. Courtesy the artist and Monitor, Rome

Kostis Velonis’s Gra(m)mary of Puppetry represents a philosophical enquiry on the Greek artist’s part: one that broaches classical influences and the contemporary political situation both in his home country and the wider world. The title of the show is a play on words, exploiting the similarity between ‘grammary’ (archaic English for ‘grammar’); ‘gramary’, meaning ‘magic’, or ‘the occult’; and ‘gram’, a Greek prefix meaning ‘write’, or ‘written’. A study of puppetry, then, as the title suggests, but one that takes…

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