Asger Jorn: The Open Hide

Jonathan T.D. Neil on the much needed revival of the work of the Situationist and COBrA artist at Petzel, New York

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

Acteur en Action, 1967, oil on canvas, 65 × 54 cm. Courtesy the artist and Petzel, New York

Asger Jorn: The Open Hide, 5 May – 29 July 2016, Petzel, New YorkIs it safe to say that Asger Jorn is rising from the dead, at least in New York? The artist passed in 1973, and the last show of his work was mounted here exactly two decades later. Jorn and CoBrA, the bright, brief movement with which, after the Situationist International, he is most closely associated, was just becoming fodder for PhD students during the 1990s (two of…

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