Johanna Jackson and Sahar Khoury bow bow

A humorous rumination on using materials the wrong way

By Ashton Cooper

Sahar Khoury, Untitled (triangle, rug pedestal), 2017, rug, cement, steel, paint, 70 × 58 × 20 cm. Courtesy the artist and Canada, New York

Canada, New York, 5 May – 11 June 2017In a standout I Love Lucy scene from 1953, Ricky and Lucy go head-to-head in a dance-off. Ricky does a few versions of a kind of sophisticated, slowed-down hand jive, while Lucy, true to form, goes big with pinwheel arms, one-legged hopping and a novice grapevine. Ricky is doing it the way things are supposed to be done – measured, elegant and self-contained. As such, he’s like a personification of the stereotype…

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