Documenta 14 Athens

Light on 'activist art', but heavy on truly political artworks

By Raimar Stange

Synnøve Persen, works from the series Sámi Flag Project, 1977–, installation view, EMST, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Documenta 14. Photo: Mathias Völzke

Various venues, Athens, 8 April – 16 July 2017‘Documenta is the Botox of capitalism’, read a slogan emblazoned on posters that popped up in Athens during the opening days of Documenta 14. But on the evidence of the first part of the exhibition (part two, in Documenta’s traditional home, Kassel, opens in June), that accusation – that this edition of the quinquennial event will affirmatively smooth capitalism’s ugly wrinkles – completely misses the target. A geographical split is not the…

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