ArtReview November issue out now

Featuring the 2017 Power 100, in association with BMW

The November 2017 issue of ArtReview, featuring the annual Power 100, is out now

ArtReview’s 16th edition of the Power 100 list, in association with BMW, is the magazine’s annual ranking of the international contemporary artworld’s 100 most in influential people

Inside this issue


2017 Power 100: The ranked list of this year's most influential people in the contemporary artworld, with profiles of each entry, including an extended profile of this year’s no.1: Hito Steyerl

Hiwa K: The issue features a specially commissioned artist project by Berlin-based Hiwa K, a largely self-taught artist born in Iraqi Kurdistan, whose work focuses on knowledge gained from experience, whether through storytelling, music-making or engagement in political processes, often all at once. Texts and images by K appear throughout the issue.

House of Language: some words for activism and art: In the US in the age of Trump, a growing number of art-affiliated activist groups are fusing the language of social media with forms of urban self-organisation, reclaiming their own political narratives. By Sam Korman

Liquid Value: Ten years on from the beginning of the global financial crisis, and the global art market is bigger than ever. Tracing the origins of the tide of liquidity, J.J. Charlesworth examines why art has boomed while the real economy stagnates.

The Year in Review: ArtReview looks back on twelve months in an artworld in which controversy, upset and uncertainty became the new normal.  

Art Previewed

Martin Herbert’s pick of ten must-see exhibitions – in New Orleans, New York, Milan, Brussels, Paris, London, Zürich, Barcelona, Berlin and Liverpool.


The Strip: A new work by Anders Nilsen

A Curator Writes: on the phone to an eminent curator ArtReview's columnist I. Kurator finds that he hasn't made the list, but realises that this offers an urgent opportunity for self-reinvention 

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