This week: An Emo Nose by Wong Ping

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Originally made in 2015, this short, bittersweet animation by Wong Ping now reads like cautionary tale about the dangers of social isolation. ‘I used to be an idiot and keep in touch with my friends,’ the lead character announces, early on in the video. The alternatives, he soon learns through this account of self-love, are no more pleasant. An Emo Nose is one of many stories spun by the Hong Kong artist, who delivers twisted tales of alienation in a now-signature animation style: bright technicolour aesthetics meets low-fi blocky forms and narratives told in deadpan Cantonese (don’t worry nonspeakers – there are English subtitles). And don’t worry about getting too depressed. In this humorous fable loves lost can always be found again.

My Fake Woke Confessions, a specially-commissioned project by Wong Ping, is featured in the March issue of ArtReview. 5 Tips for Politely Rejecting a Booty Call from Your Neighbor's Dog at SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia, is temporarily closed due to security measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screening dates: 25–31 March 2020