Nathaniel Mellors

The creator of 'Ourhouse' explains the series' development and its place within his 2011 ICA exhibition

Ourhouse Episode 1: Games, 2010. Courtesy the artist, Matt's Gallery, London, Monitor, Rome and Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam

Nathaniel Mellors' combination of animatronics, music and film tell the back story of his 'medieval tinged soap opera', Ourhouse. The first three episodes of this six-part series were held at the ICA in March 2011. The concourse featured a mini exhibition, Third Leggg, showing the work of artists who had inspired him throughout the project's creation. A series of talks curated by Mark Pilkington were also held in conjunction with the show's unveiling and the exhibition closed with a record launch by Mellors's label, Junior Asprin.