Body and Borders

A screening of ten short films, curated by Mania Akbari and Douglas White

This selection of ten short moving image works, collectively titled Body and Borders, is curated by Mania Akbari and Douglas White. Bringing together ten contemporary artists whose work explores the limits of embodied experience, the screening was conceived to accompany their exhibition Mr Majidi and the Electricity Box at VO Curations, London. 

00.00.05 Margaret Salmon - Ramapo Central
00.08.27 Miranda Pennell - You Made Me Love You
00.11.59 AK Dolven - Amazon
00.13.38 Jessica Sarah Rinland - Expression of the Sightless
00.21.07 Carlos Motta - Corpo Fechada
00.45.37 Lynne Sachs with Barbara Hammer - A Month of Single Frames
00.59.15 Mark Street with Barbara Hammer - So Many Ideas Impossible To Do All
01.10.59 Johan Arens - Findings on Palpation
01.16.40 Lucy Clout - Nurses
01.22.58 Mania Akbari and Douglas White - Lubion

The screening was accompanied by a panel discussion moderated by art critic Nick Hackworth and featuring Mania Akbari, Johann Arens, Lucy Clout, Miranda Pennell, Margaret Salmon and Douglas White. The videos are supplied courtesy of Modern Forms, London and with the permission of the artists.