Koki Tanaka: A Behavioural Statement (or an Unconscious Protest) (2013)

Watch our April 2015 cover artist's project for the 2013 Venice Biennale where two groups of people walk up and down an external fire escape of an office building, reflecting on the post-Fukushima situation in Japan

'There were two groups. I asked one to stay at the top of the building and the other at the bottom of the building for a little while. They started to read their books and some of them talked about their books with others. Later they started moving towards the staircase. Why two groups: one going up and one going down? It reflects the postdisaster situation in Japan – falling apart into two groups, one that says we still need nuclear power and the other that says we don’t. I tried, symbolically, to mix up two extreme groups'

Read our cover interview with the Japanese artist, from the April 2015 issue.