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Juliana Huxtable

Artist - Huxtable’s work explores projections of identity and the science-fiction potential of self-creation

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Photo: Rob Kulisek

‘Fantasy, […] identification with the non-human and with the spiritual realm is in the flesh and in the body,’ the artist, writer and DJ has stated. ‘It’s being performed in movement. It’s being enacted in language and on the dance floor. It’s all a complex matrix, to me, that makes it impossible to separate what the real and the fantastical are.’ This movement between the two epitomises much of her work, shifting between installation, photography and performances that explore the projections of identity and the science-fiction potential of self-creation. Huxtable’s myriad activities as a Black trans woman are as wide-reaching as they are utopian, seeking to redefine the present, whether in a gallery – with exhibitions this year in Derby, Geneva, Lisbon and Nashville – or a nightclub: in a year for beginning to reconnect with people in physical spaces, she was most active in clubs and music venues across the world, from Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New York to Krakow, Crete and the outskirts of Beirut.

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