Documenta 2022 artist list revealed

Participants include Hamja Ahsan, Jimmie Durham, Asia Art Archive, Black Quantum Futurism and The Nest Collective

The Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany, 2007. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons; I, Carroy; Creative Commons

The artist list for the 2022 edition of Documenta has been revealed by its curators, the art collective ruangrupa – the news was announced in the German magazine Asphalt, published in support of the poor and homeless.

So far the curators have named 51 artists and collectives included in the show, slated to open on 18 June 2022. Participating artists have been grouped into ‘mini-majelis’ (after the Indonesian word for ‘council’). The nationalities of the artists have also been omitted – replaced by their respective time zones.

Meanwhile tickets for the exhibition have gone on sale, priced at €27 for day tickets, €125 for a season ticket, and the option to purchase a ‘solidarity’ ticket for those who cannot afford to go otherwise.

Ruangrupa are organising their show around the idea of lumbung, based on the model of a communal surplus-grain warehouse, created for shared future use: ‘Our curatorial approach aims at a different kind of collaborative model of resource use – economically, but also in terms of ideas, knowledge, programmes, and innovation.’ 

To that end, ruangrupa are working with other collectives including Britto Arts Trust, FAFSWAG, Instituto de Artivismo Hannah Arendt, Project Art Works, the Wajukuu Art Project, Fondation Festival sur le Niger, Gudskul, INLAND, Jatiwangi art Factory, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Más Arte Más Acción, OFF-Biennale, Trampoline House and ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst and Urbanistik.

The current artist list is as follows:

ikkibawiKrrr (KSK)
ook_reinaart vanhoe (CET)
Richard Bell (AEST)
Taring Padi (WIB)
Wakaliwood (EAT)

Arts Collaboratory (various time zones)
Black Quantum Futurism (EST)
Chimurenga (SAST)
Jumana Emil Abboud (EET)
Nino Bulling (CET)
Agus Nur Amal PMTOH (WIB)
Subversive Film (CET, EET)

Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi (JST)
Kiri Dalena (PHT)
Nguyen Trinh Thi (ICT)
Safdar Ahmed (AEST)
Sakuliu (TST)

Atis Rezistans / Ghetto Biennale (EST, WET)
Marwa Arsanios (CET)
Sourab Phadke (WET, IST)
Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh (BT, WT)
* foundationClass * collective (CET)

Another Roadmap Africa Cluster (WAT, CAT, EAT)
Archives de luttes des femmes en Algérie (WAT)
Asia Art Archive (HKT)
Center d’art Waza (CAT)
El Warcha (WAT)
Graziela Kunsch (BRT)
Keleketla! Library (SAST)
Komina Film a Rojava (EET)
Sada [regroup] (AST)
Siwa platforme – L’Economat at Redyes (WAT)

Baan Norg Collaborative Arts and Culture (ICT)
Dan Perjovschi (EET)
Fehras Publishing Practices (CET)
Nhà Sàn Collective (ICT)
The Nest Collective (EAT)

Hamja Ahsan (WET)
Jimmie Durham (CET)
La Intermundial Holobiente (WET, ART, EST)
Pinar Öğrenci (CET)
Saodat Ismailova (UZT)

Amol K Patil (IS)
Boloho (China Standard Time)
Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun (CST)
CHANG En-man (TST)
Sa Sa Art Projects (ICT)

Alice Yard (AST)
Erick Beltrán (CET)
LE18 (WAT)
Madeyoulook (SAST)
Party Office b2b Fadescha (IST, EST)
Serigrafistas queer (ART)

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