Watch – Random International and Studio Wayne McGregor Present ‘No One Is An Island’


The artwork, in partnership with Superblue and BMW i, explores the thorny questions surrounding the prospect of an automated future

Experimental art studio Random International and award-winning choreographer Wayne McGregor present the latest digital chapter of  No One Is An Island, an installation in partnership with Superblue and BMW i. The artwork explores the thorny questions surrounding the prospect of an automated future, through a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ of AI, movement and music.

‘It’s this fundamental need, I think, to try to simulate the human being with a machine’ says Random International’s Hannes Koch. At the centre of No One Is An Island lies a sculpture, which probes the information necessary for an animated body to be considered as human – what it takes to move from a robotic to living sensibility.

‘For us it’s about showing and working out how we can create these smiles in the mind, but also to inspire you to think about how you might want to work with robotics in the future, or what your robotics with a human interaction might be, and might even hopefully change in the future’ says Wayne McGregor.

Studio Wayne McGregor’s dancers interact with the sculpture, in a performance that nods to Picasso’s light drawings, alongside a score written by Chihei Hatakeyama. A live performance of the work is scheduled for Frieze London in October this year.

‘The collaboration with Random International, Studio Wayne McGregor and Superblue is a beautiful example of what we strive for with our cultural endeavors ’ says Hedwig Solis Weinstein, Head of BMW Brand Cooperations Arts & Design.

‘Superblue is a new model in the arts world,’ explains Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, Cofounder and CEO of Superblue. ‘We’re bringing together a group of highly important experiential artists to bring their work to a wider audience, and to have these very perceptive artists begin to understand the way that we feel and the way that we can mirror and work with machines is very interesting.’

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Watch – BMW i and ArtReview Present: Random International and Wayne McGregor in Conversation

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