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A roundup of ArtReview Asia’s spring reading recs

Pak Sheung Chuen, A Goat and a Dancer, 2017. ARA Spring 2020 Books Nightmare Wallpaper
Pak Sheung Chuen, A Goat and a Dancer, 2017, from the Nightmare Wallpaper series (2017), wood panel and wallpaper, 320 × 127 cm.

Nightmare Wallpaper, 140928 – 190701, by Pak Sheung Chuen, Para Site, HK$360 (hardcover)

During the Umbrella Movement in 2014, when Hongkongers took to the streets demanding more transparent elections, Pak Sheung Chuen, who made a career out of gently interventionist conceptual gestures, felt his art was out of touch with political reality. So he joined protesters in the occupation of the city centre… continue reading

Elisa Shua Dusapin, Winter in Sokcho. ARA Spring 2020 Books

Winter in Sokcho, by Elisa Shua Dusapin, translated by Aneesa Abbas Higgins, Daunt Books Originals, £9.99 (softcover)

She doesn’t have a name, or at least no one speaks it. She works in a quiet, dilapidated guesthouse in Sokcho, a fishing town and popular holiday destination in northern South Korea. It’s off-season, desolate and cold. Unsure of what she wants in life, she is adrift… continue reading

An Ecotopian Lexicon. ARA Spring 2020 Books

An Ecotopian Lexicon, edited by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson and Brent Ryan Bellamy, University of Minnesota Press, $24.95 (softcover)

Like microplastics, mentions of the Anthropocene have been everywhere for a while now. From articles about climate change to scholarly essays on psychotherapy (‘ecological grief’, anyone?), the current geological epoch named after humankind’s impact on earth is inescapable (even if you don’t believe in it)… continue reading

Jun Yang, The Emperor of China’s Ice. ARA Spring 2020 Books

The Emperor of China’s Ice, by Jun Yang, illustrated by Yuuki Nishimura, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, €15 (hardcover)

A catalogue in the form of a children’s book, or a children’s book in the form of a catalogue, The Emperor of China’s Ice explores the myth that inspired Jun Yang’s 2018 contribution to the Austrian Sculpture Park in Graz… continue reading

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