Mayfair Art Weekend Gallery HOP! ArtReview tours

Check out our themed guides on what to see during Mayfair Art Weekend

With over forty participating galleries and three days of events, Mayfair Art Weekend opens with its Gallery HOP! on Friday 29th June – an evening of previews with galleries hosting special evening viewings and events from 6-8pm (with drinks sponsored by Sipsmith Gin). 

In the lead-up to Gallery HOP! each week ArtReview is publishing a specially themed tour guide, to help you decide what to see and where to start in Mayfair’s busy art neighbourhood.

Waldemar Cordeiro, Digitalização do retrato de Fabiana, 1970. Online Mayfair Art Weekend 2018

The Pioneering Legends Tour

From computer art to environmental art and from conceptual art to feminism, artists in the 1960s and 70s led a revolution in how art could be thought about, what it could look like and how it engaged with a fast-changing society. It might be a half-century ago, but the art of those radical decades still defines how we think about contemporary art today. Five galleries at Mayfair Art Weekend go back in time… 
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Howard Hodgkin, Love Song, 2015. Online Mayfair Art Weekend Tour 2018

The Totally Abstract Tour

Abstract art might be one of the great inventions of the twentieth century, but as an idea spanning painting, sculpture and installation, abstraction refuses to be consigned to the history books. Which isn’t to say that history isn’t on show during Mayfair Art Weekend – see Yves Klein and Heinz Mack for starters – but that the conversation between artists about what abstraction can do goes on; between those who see it as distillation of psychological states and almost transcendent perceptual sensation, and others who find in it a space to play with the limits of representation and allusion… it’s all here… read now

Mickalene Thomas, Jet Blue #1, 2018. Online Mayfair Art Weekend 2018 Tour

The Intensely Now Tour

On the surface, you might think that Mayfair caters only for the old and the established. Certainly, Old Masters and elegant antiques galleries rub shoulders with long-established galleries dealing in twentieth century art. But among those are galleries dealing with artists working in the moment, dealing with what art can be about in 2018. The Intensely Now Tour pulls together the galleries showcasing young talent and art dealing with the world as it is right now. From media overload and private experience to gendered sculpture, queer futures and the politicised aesthetics of whiteness and blackness, it’s all right here. And it starts on Dover Street… read now

Jill Mulleady, Prince S, 2017. Online Mayfair Art Weekend 2018

The Ahead of the Curve Tour

If you’ve done the Pioneering Legends Tour, the Totally Abstract Tour and the Intensely Now Tour already, then well done you. But if you haven’t, don’t worry. ArtReview wraps up its virtual tours with this handy cross-section which takes in group shows, old art legends and younger art stars, painting, sculpture, video and photography. A sort of taster menu. You see? ArtReview is always on hand to keep you in the loop and ahead of the curve. And it starts on South Audley Street… read now